Frequently Asked Questions

INVI Application consists of multiple features, which have been made for easy usage and majorly automated, these features include:
  • Making Tax Invoice, Credit Note, Delivery Challans, Estimates/Quotations/Proposal.
  • Receiving Payments digitally.
  • Debtor/Receivables management, Reminders for outstanding dues on your call.
  • GST Automation, Including GST suggestions, GST Numbers verifications.
  • Creation of GSTR-1 Return.
  • Export of all your Invoices in your accounting Software.

We at INVI use GSP services of GST Network so as to provide users with 2 fold services:

1. Verification: All the GST Numbers entered in the app are auto verified from GST Portal so that there is no mistake.

2. Automation: The information gathered from Portal is automated in the required fields so that you have to work less and it’s all so simple.

GST returns consist of 2 returns being GSTR-1 and GSTR-3B, whereas the User cannot file GSTR 3-B from the App, but GSTR-1 is being made automated in the application, Jason file for upload at the GST Portal can be created from the app and the same can be uploaded by just logging in to GST portal and selecting the relevant return.

In Just one click the user can export an excel sheet so that the same can be imported into any accounting software you use.

We are working on this feature and updated with app and website very soon.

Sub-User feature allows you to add your associates to your entity, this will allow them to use your entity and subscription to further invoice on your behalf and manage you business for you as you want.

Multiple entity feature will allow you to use one application to bill multiple entities. Just add as many business fronts that you have and bill from each one of them. You can make different templates and use each entity separately in single app only. Payment of subscription will have to be made separately for each entity.